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White Widow is an all-time classic cannabis strain

White Widow feminised cannabis seeds review

White Widow feminised cannabis seeds review

These legendary 1980’s original genetics are derived from Brazilian and Indian parentage. This grow review comes from an experienced grower who cultivated White Widow photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds. But you can also get this strain in fast, convenient autoflower seeds (as Auto White Widow). White Widow regular cannabis seeds are also available for old school growers or those that want to enjoy some breeding experiments. In this grow review, the seeds were grown indoors in large fabric airpots with LED grow lights and organic nutrients. The grower enjoyed some premium potency buds with high THC levels and the trademark penetrating, pungent White Widow aroma.

White Widow grown from feminised cannabis seeds

The grower is a quality focussed indoor grower specialising in producing high THC buds using the best cannabis seeds and a high-quality indoor grow room. LED lights are used to optimise the results, alongside some ceramic metal halide (‘CMH’) lights.


A 10-gallon (45 litre) fabric air pot was used. The large container size allows large plants to grow and develop healthy root balls. Furthermore, the excellent levels of root aeration allow optimised root development. Coco fibre grow medium was used with organic nutrients.


The White Widow was given 60 days of vegetative growth (18/6 light cycle) and 9 weeks of bloom (12/12 light schedule). The last 48 hours were in complete darkness, a technique thought to increase resin production and potency. Water was pH adjusted to pH 6.2 - 6.8 and weekly compost tea was given to the White Widow.


At harvest the White Widow was given 12 days to dry before being put in jars and cured. The final yield was a whopping 270grams of dry buds. Although most growers select White Widow seeds for the guarantee of top-shelf buds, this cannabis cup winning legend is also known to produce genuine XL yields in good conditions.



White Widow grow review - feedback and opinions

“What can I say, Dutch Passion F1 White Widow...OMG 😍 Derived from 80's F1 stock makes for an extremely stable and easy to grow. She yields HEAVY with perfectly formed, rock hard flowers that are LOADED with trichomes so much that it looks like they've been sprinkled with super fine diamond dust making this a dream for extraction, and the aroma she lays down will have your mouth watering. This genetic was a massive stacker and easy to cultivate as well. She yielded well and ranks as one of the strongest cultivars I've grown.”


“Her aroma in flower is SUPER strong so keep that in mind, and remember this is not a 'daytime' smoke as she hits you like a hammer...HARD! After a 2 week cure in jars she took on a strong, pungent cheese aroma with slight sweet hints mixed in. “


“The bag appeal is an 11 (out of 10) and she's got the mouth to check off the last box, leaving a strong diesel-kush taste that lingers quite a while.... Just a ridiculously enjoyable strain to experience and is well suited for relaxing evenings with friends or listening to music! Cultivate some of these beauties from Dutch Passion and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!”

White Widow, exceptional potency with genuine XL yields

White Widow has won so many cannabis cups for good reasons, these are simply some of the best genetics available many years after they were first released. The resin frosted buds pack a serious punch and tend to be recommended only to hardcore users with high tolerance levels. The epic THC levels are best enjoyed in the evening,


White Widow can be just a bit too powerful to be considered a daytime smoke and can easily disorientate the novice smoker. White Widow is a straightforward strain to grow, performing well in soil, coco or hydroponic grow systems. Be aware of the particularly penetrating aroma and ensure that your carbon filter is in good condition for the challenge it will face!


If you’re looking to step up the THC levels from your grow room then give serious thought to Dutch Passion’s original 1980’s White Widow. The genetics have stood the test of time and are still rated as some of the strongest (and most consistent!) cannabis seeds currently available.

For any cannabis grower the most important initial decision is choosing where to buy their cannabis seeds. Grower experience and grow room conditions are important factors. But the genetic composition of your cannabis seeds determines the final quality levels that you will be able to achieve. Whether you are growing cannabis indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse you need to be using professionally bred genetics in order to achieve the highest quality results. cannabis seeds

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